Newest Innovation In Video Conferencing: The Mitel UC360

In today’s world of business, conference calls just can’t provide the necessary amount of communication between clients and the teams completing the task at hand. A simple call cannot send documents, enable face-to-face communication or create a spontaneous collaboration. With the new UC360 from Mitel, all of this becomes possible. This Android based device allows users to effectively video conference multiple people globally.

This sort of operation is already available via large scale conferencing sites but most of these collaboration solutions fail to integrate multimedia collaboration into the natural flow of the work day. They don’t enable the kind of spontaneous, anytime collaboration that people need to be their most productive. And they don’t provide the intuitive and fast collaboration that the new workforce increasingly demands.

UC360 overcomes these limitations. Its open, SIP-compatible, standards-based technology fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures, including Mitel and other PBX deployments, video solutions, and computing environments, delivering a range of multimedia collaboration benefits and features to personal office meeting spaces in organizations of all kinds and sizes. A fraction of the cost of traditional multimedia systems, UC360 makes rich multimedia collaboration as simple and spontaneous as making a phone call.

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