NICE Systems

Mirra Series 2 Digital Voice Recorder

The Mirra Series 2 delivers industrial-strength digital voice recording for small and medium-size organizations including contact centers, emergency service control and dispatch facilities and financial service companies. At a highly competitive price, it provides all the features and benefits of a sophisticated and expensive recording system.

Fast Access with Secure Storage
The use of rewritable low-cost optical media to store messages provides you with fast access to any recording. Mirra Series 2 single or dual deck options create up to 2,400 channel hours of available recording. Flexible recording options allow the system to be configured for parallel recording to provide identical copies, auto cycle mode for continuous unattended recording and sequential mode for back-up and long term on-line access.

Simplicity and Protection
With the exception of optical disk change, all control of the Mirra Series 2 takes place within a PC environment. With the minimum of training, users and system managers can access recordings quickly and easily. Access levels can be restricted for users for security reasons or operational needs.

Uncomplicated Replay
To replay a call, an authorized user can simply enter the channel name, date or time and the call will be delivered virtually instantaneously to the desktop either over the LAN, RS232 link or via the telephone network if necessary. In addition, other search parameters such as CLI, dialed out number or call duration can be used to narrow down the search. By using the latest speech compression techniques, Mirra Series 2 also has outstanding speech quality that provides unrivaled clarity when recovering a call for replay.

Resilience and Reliability
Mirra Series 2uses a real-time operating system that allows it to provide the sophisticated features needed in the market today with a unique but simple architecture. This same approach also allows for a simple power up/down routine that avoids special shutdown procedures. In fact, once power is applied the system is on-line and running in less than 15 seconds! In mission-critical applications requiring a high level of redundancy, two systems can be configured in a full master/slave mode to provide 100% redundancy. Comprehensive system and fault alarms are available from the system to monitor performance and to notify users of fault conditions.

Connectivity Options
In addition to analog connections, Mirra Series 2 connects directly to proprietary digital lines from many of the most popular PBXs.

Wordnet Series 3 Digital Voice Recorder

The world’s first recording solution offering combined recording of conventional analog, digital, and VoIP for telecommunications and radio systems – all in the same recorder. Delivering unprecedented levels of recording capability, capacity and flexibility, to provide the right solution for your organization.

Enterprise Strength Connectivity
Industry leading conventional telephony compatibility plus all of the added flexibility of VoIP. Integrates seamlessly with customers’ primary data needs from CAD systems, dispatcher consoles, dealer boards, to IVR, CTI, ACD, PBX and customer databases.

Enterprise Strength Resilience
Fault-tolerant architecture redundant hardware, RAID storage and robust Windows 200- based operating system.

Enterprise Strength Capacity
Thousand of simultaneous recording sessions per system with unlimited scalability and flexibility of deployment within geographic or technical region. Flexible and extendable storage options via larger internal hard disk, up to 150 GB (25,400 channel hours); RAID arrays, up to 2TB (297,000 channel hours) in a single RAID 5 array more with the addition of multiple arrays; network attached storage (NAS) or storage area networks (SAN).

Future Proof
Easily add more storage and more functions based on evolving business needs. Feature ready software enables new features, functionality and interfaces to be upgraded simply by software upload.

Powerful but Simplistic Interface
Familiar browser-based interface simplifies operation and management, both locally and remotely. Rapid retrieval by multiple criteria including date/time, channel, called number, calling number, transaction code, user ID together with multiple user-defined factors.

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