Simplify Your Unified Communications Systems with American Telecom Solutions

Energize your business with a communications system that spurs effortless collaboration and exceptional customer service.

Tired of getting the run-around from your telecom provider?

Are you able to quickly and easily get in touch with your telecom provider when something goes wrong?  Are you happy with your system quality and performance?  Is your bill transparent and easy to understand?
You might think it’s easier and safer to stay with the same service, but over time your business can be stifled by:
  • Frustrating and slow customer service
  • Poor performance and user experience
  • Overly complicated billing statements
  • Overpayment

What if your communications solution could boost your business instead of burdening it?

Upgrading your telecom system to spark smoother communications and revitalize your call center’s customer service capabilities is a breeze – with the right partner.

At American Telecom Solutions, we believe our clients deserve:

World-class 24/7 customer service with remote diagnostics

Total clarity and transparency into all service charges and fees

User-friendly, flexible, tailored, and scalable solutions

All the top features like automatic call distribution, auto-attendant, and sound masking

We know how frustrating it can be to work with major providers.

They aren’t equipped to provide the personalized customer service that American Telecom Solutions offers, or the capabilities to turn your communications obstacles into opportunities.   

We’ve spent the last 25 years helping thousands of clients of all sizes across industries modernize their communications systems. We will guide you through the process step-by-step so it’s hassle-free and stress-free. Plus, you’ll have access to 24/7 customer service, so you can get help from a real, live human whenever you need it.

Customers Reviews

See What Our Clients Have to Say

“American Telecom Solutions installed a Mitel VoIP telephone system at Headquarters and provisioned circuits to 14 sites across Colorado to provide a Layer 2 network for support of all phones in remote offices. Additionally, a resilient system was installed in a separate datacenter to provide 100% uptime. This site operates 24/7 with over 100 dispersed call center agents across Colorado; a total of 600 total users.”
Ms. Linda Cavanaugh
AAA in Denver, CO
“American Telecom Solutions installed the TOMIS Call Center in Westminster, CO with over 125 agents operating a 24/7 Call Center using the Mitel VoIP telephone system. Provided a disaster recovery site located on the east coast that ensures 100% up time.”
Mr. Noah Wood
General Dynamics in Westminster, CO
“For the past fifteen years, American Telecom Solutions has been installing the Mitel VoIP system for Stantec across North America and abroad. Sites range in size from 20 seats to well over 1,000 seats. Some sites are standalone while others in certain regions are networked together offering four-digit dialing between sites as well as resiliency and backup trunking.”
Mr. Frank Merino
Stantec Consulting in New York, NY

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