Not all that long ago, wirelessly transmitting data was thought impossible to all but the loftiest of dreamers. Today, wireless networks are virtually everywhere. Wireless technology is the answer to the limitations of physical connectivity, and has become absolutely essential to businesses around the world. There are many considerations in choosing a wireless network… indoor or outdoor? Wi-Fi or WiMax? ATS has the expertise and experience to assess your needs and recommend the perfect combination of access points, antennas, client bridges and other equipment for your business. Give us a call and let us design a network that works for you.



Lightpointe Free-Space Point-to-Point

LightPointe is the leading manufacturer of outdoor wireless bridges for building-to-building enterprise connectivity and point-to-point 4G/LTE applications. As a pioneer in laser and radio frequency 70/80 GHz and 60 GHz wireless bridges, LightPointe is one of the most respected and stable names in the industry with deployments of their Wireless Fiber solutions in over 70 countries.


Aruba Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Today’s mobile workforce wants to be free of wires so they can do business anywhere. So why pay for wired ports and outdated telecom gear they don’t use? Build a world without wires and transform your business into a more efficient all-wireless workplace. The all-wireless workplace enables communication anywhere and delivers business apps everywhere people work. It supports BYO-everything and does it securely and reliably. To connect your world with Intelligent mobility, call American Telecom Solutions and see how Aruba can help your business stay connected.