Call recording technology can play a vital role for businesses across a wide range of industries. For example, healthcare providers, financial institutions, automotive dealerships and debt collection agencies all benefit from the ability to monitor, playback, evaluate and archive their telephone-based interactions. This also holds especially true for transportation, energy and government agencies. Organizations within this sector deal with extensive regulatory, safety, company and industry-specific requirements, and ensuring communications excellence is of critical importance.

In fact, virtually any organization that regularly engages by phone with customers, clients, colleagues or suppliers stands to gain from having greater insight and understanding into the interactions that shape their everyday operations. The ability to quickly retrieve important information contained within phone-based exchanges can help resolve disputes, minimize liability risk, improve customer service and safeguard company revenues. Some businesses may not have fully considered the true value of such benefits, or have avoided implementation due to apprehension regarding capability, complexity and cost. OAISYS dispels these concerns, providing solutions that make it easy for any company to fully leverage the power of their internal and external communications.

OAISYS delivers voice documentation and contact center management solutions that are technologically innovative, but that alone does not create value for our customers. Without a true understanding of customer needs, even the most advanced technology solution will fail to effectively improve business operations. We recognize just how important this consideration is, and it drives our company-wide focus on delivering feature- rich, affordable and reliable products. Our approach is really quite simple—we listen to our customers.

Listening to the shared voice of our customers helps us decide how best to develop technology that makes their lives easier. Examining a problem closely, asking the right questions and, above all else, actually listening to the answers has allowed OAISYS to continuously evolve our solutions in the ways that prove most beneficial to customers. We create award-winning products that solve common business problems in the most simple and direct fashion for our end-users, versus other solution providers that leverage technology only for technology’s sake. It’s a simple philosophy that yields impressive results.

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